PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi Laughs About Hamas Hiding Weapons in Schools

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi responded to a question about Hamas hiding weapons in schools with an uncomfortable cackle during an appearance on CNN.

CNN's Carol Costello asked Ashrawi, "How is Israel to know which schools--which schools contain weapons and which don't?

Ashrawi paused to laugh awkwardly.

"Look," she eventually replied, "They have the most sophisticated surveillance."

Transcript available below:

CAROL COSTELLO: Well, there have been at least three instances that we know of where there were weapons hidden in schools. Those schools were empty, but how is Israel to know which schools ---- which schools contain weapons and which don't?

[[ Evil Laughter ]]

HANAN ASHRAWI: Look, they have the most sophisticated surveillance. They can assassinate with an F-16. They can pinpoint, i've seen them. I've lived through F-16’s and apache gunship bombings and shellings. I know they can assassinate an individual wherever they want, so don't tell me that they cannot detect that the empty buildings had weapons and then the 88 -- they destroyed 91 schools. The 88 other schools, they had people in them who were taking shelters, who were told that this is a safe haven for families who were kicked out of their homes. Look, 600 of the people killed were killed either in their homes or running out of their homes. The rest tried to get some sort of shelter in U.N. schools and so on and they were bombed. They were shelled.

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