Obama Says American Peoples' Instincts 'Pretty Good'

President Barack Obama told a crowd of donors in Philadelphia on Tuesday that his "vision" for America "is more consistent with our history and those moments when we’ve been most successful as a country" than his opponent's, according to a transcript of his remarks.

Despite presiding over a crushing economic recession and historic levels of national debt, Obama maintained  that he will uphold a "bargain": "If you work hard in this country regardless of what you look like, where you come from, what faith you hold, who you love, that you can make it if you try."

Obama said that he would ensure Americans are "doing their fair share, so that we’re not just relying on cuts to programs for the vulnerable or for our kids." He also will ask "those of us who have been incredibly blessed to be born in this country, for us to give a little back and to think about the future."

At the fundraiser, Obama also stated that he agreed with his former political nemesis Sen. John McCain "on the need to control campaign finance spending."

David Cohen, the embattled head of Comcast, joined Obama at the fundraiser, according to pool reports that depict the cable executive holding court with a gaggle of donors alongside the president. The Justice Department is currently investigating cable companies like Comcast are trying to stifle competition.