Obama Campaign

Betrayal: Greedy Obama Alums Get Paid to Trash Unions

The people. United. Are bound to be defeated. By liberal sellouts.

When President Obama and his team of geniuses came to Washington, they promised hope and change. They were devoted liberals, determined to stamp out the influence of corporations and “special interests,” and tireless advocates for working Americans. That was then.

Be Afraid

Column: The Democratic plan to take back the House

On Election Night 2010, I watched the returns come in alongside a prominent liberal columnist. As he observed the Republicans capture the House of Representatives and gain in the Senate, in governor’s mansions, and in state houses across the country, my friend put the best spin on events that he could.

Welcome to the Jungle

Column: The Silicon Valley oligarchy comes to Washington

The day after Amazon.com billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, one of the paper’s columnists, Eugene Robinson, appeared on "Morning Joe." Robinson is a reliable voice for conventional liberal opinion, and on this particular day, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, conventional liberal opinion held that Bezos’ purchase of the Post for $250 million was an act of bravery and humanity comparable to the Marshall Plan.