Marco Rubio Calls for Repeal of Healthcare Reform

Florida senator suggests voting against continuing resolution until ACA repealed

Marco Rubio / AP


Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) once again called for the repeal of Obamacare at a Concerned Veterans of America event Thursday morning.

"We should not vote for a continuing resolution [to fund the federal government] until we repeal Obamacare" Rubio said.

Rubio’s comments come on the heels of a letter signed by all 46 GOP senators asking for a "permanent delay" of the president’s sweeping healthcare reform.

The Florida senator cited a deep philosophical divide between the two parties "that cannot be bridged" as the reason for the unending partisan gridlock in Washington.

"Good news is we only have three years left of this," He joked.

Rubio also directly challenged the president’s energy policy.

President Barack Obama outlined plans to regulate carbon emissions in a June 25 speech at Georgetown University. This plan put America’s coal industry directly in the administration’s sights.

Rubio called for the tapping of the nation’s robust energy assets, "We should use our entire energy portfolio," he said. "Coal has a place in this."

Also speaking at the event was Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas). Cruz lauded former President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and lamented the national debt’s effect on future generations of Americans.

"No generation has been born into America with the oppressive debt we are giving to our children and grandkids," Cruz said. "If we don’t get [economic] growth back we are imperiling our entire country."

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