Thomas Gibbons-Neff

Expert: U.S. Naval Supremacy Is in Trouble

While U.S. makes sequestration cuts, Russia, China, Iran projecting naval power

Former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy Seth Cropsey told an audience at the Heritage Foundation Thursday afternoon that American sea power and global projection is “in trouble.”

New Book Examines Role of Women in Combat

Review: Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat by Lt. Col. Robert Macginnis

In May of 2010 while operating in southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as an infantryman, I was attached to a unit that was employing a female engagement team to supplement their already robust outreach campaign to the local villagers of Marjah. While the Marines—or “lioness” team—did an admirable job, it was clear that their presence in the midst of an all-male infantry company currently involved in combat operations clearly restructured the dynamic on the ground.

Syria Civil War Destabilizing Region

Expert: ‘Syria isn’t like Vegas: What happens in Syria doesn’t stay in Syria’

Andrew Tabler, a senior fellow in the Program on Arab Politics at the Washington Institute warned that the war in Syria has begun to spill over and is rapidly destabilizing the Levant at a discussion on Capitol Hill Friday.

Experts: Iran Nuclear Weapon Closer than Some Think

New Iranian president unlikely to tamp down nuclear ambition

A panel of experts told an audience at the Heritage Foundation Wednesday afternoon that the United States can expect more of the same rhetoric from incoming Iranian President Hassan Rowhani and that Iran is much closer to getting “the bomb” than many people believe.