Impeachment Hearings Are Boring. No One Cares. Get Over It.

The media doesn't matter as much as the media thinks. Cry more, lib.

The journos are at it again. They are paid to pretend that politics is fascinating and meaningful, that they are indispensable members of an indispensable institution without which democracy itself would cease to exist.

Congress Warns E.U. Against ‘Warning Labels’ for Jewish-Made Products

Landmark case mandating labels on Jewish goods to be decided this week

Boycott IsraelLeading lawmakers in Congress are warning the European Union that issuing a mandate that Jewish products made in contested areas of Israel carry consumer warning labels could trigger American anti-boycott laws and jeopardize U.S. trade with Europe.

Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Capitol Building

'We're going to boil quickly, folks'

Extinction Rebellion has had a hard run of it. Members in the Washington, D.C., chapter of the climate activism group have been trying all year to raise awareness through arrest, but with little luck.