Congress Warns E.U. Against ‘Warning Labels’ for Jewish-Made Products

Landmark case mandating labels on Jewish goods to be decided this week

Boycott IsraelLeading lawmakers in Congress are warning the European Union that issuing a mandate that Jewish products made in contested areas of Israel carry consumer warning labels could trigger American anti-boycott laws and jeopardize U.S. trade with Europe.

Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Capitol Building

'We're going to boil quickly, folks'

Extinction Rebellion has had a hard run of it. Members in the Washington, D.C., chapter of the climate activism group have been trying all year to raise awareness through arrest, but with little luck.

AOC Chief of Staff Wears T-Shirt Supporting Nazi Collaborator

Saikat Chakrabarti has come under fire for wearing a Subhas Chandra Bose t-shirt

Bose met with Hitler in 1942, later praising Hitler's rule in 1944, saying that India's government "should be a synthesis between National Socialism and Communism." According to the Times of India, Bose "fancied himself as a world leader like Hitler and Mussolini."