Swing District Dem Flip-Flops on Minimum Wage

As candidate, Elaine Luria argued nationwide minimum wage would hurt small businesses

Rep. Elaine LuriaAs a candidate, Elaine Luria backed a regionalized minimum wage hike, arguing that a uniform federal approach "could cause risk" to small businesses. As a congresswoman, however, the Virginia Democrat cosponsored legislation raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour nationwide.

Dems Jumpstart Gun-Control Efforts

Proposals could delay purchases up to 20 days, ban private sale of used guns

Two new Democratic proposals could force gun buyers to wait up to three times longer to receive their weapon and could ban the private sale of used guns.

Swing District Dem Compares Trump to Hitler

Freshman Dem accuses Trump supporters of blindly following president

Democratic congressman Harley Rouda (Calif.) addressed President Donald Trump's criticism of mainstream news media by comparing the president to Adolf Hitler.