IRS Scandal Highlighted at Judicial Watch Panel

Rep. Jim Jordan: Americans are ‘Scared’

Jim Jordan / AP
June 20, 2013

Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) stressed the hypocrisy of the Obama administration’s handling of the IRS scandal Thursday morning and said Americans are "scared."

Jordan said that groups affected by the IRS targeting have yet to be contacted by the FBI who is heading up the investigation during a panel discussion of the scandal at Judicial Watch, a non-partisan, transparency watchdog. He went on to say that the FBI had visited these groups prior when they were applying for tax exemption months ago.

"These groups meet in church basements, the local elementary school, and the VFW," Jordan said. "The FBI visited these people because they were exercising their First Amendment rights. That’s the story that needs to be told."

FBI Director Robert Mueller came under fire Wednesday at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) questioned him on the fact that none of the groups affected by the IRS scandal have been contacted for interviews.

Cleta Mitchell, a lawyer for many of the groups seeking tax exemption, stressed during the panel discussion that the IRS is still dragging its feet on tax-exempt statuses for a host of groups. Mitchell said the scandal is far from over, causing Jordan nodded towards in agreement.

On the rash of scandals plaguing the White House, from Benghazi to the recent NSA leaks, Jordan said "That’s what scares Americans and appropriately so."