Dems Want Donor Disclosures to the IRS for Intimidation Purposes, Critics Say

Proposed rule would exempt political groups from disclosing largest donors to government

IRSThe Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued a proposed rule Friday that would make it so nonprofit political groups would not have to disclose their biggest donors to the government. Democrats say the rule would allow an even greater flow of "dark money" to such groups while right-leaning entities praised the proposal and alleged that Democrats want the disclosures to the IRS for potential intimidation purposes.

CBS Host: Obama Presidency Had ‘No Scandal’

King to Michelle Obama: 'Do you have any idea how much you are missed?'

CBS host Gayle King agreed with former First Lady Michelle Obama's assessment this weekend that her husband's administration had "no scandal."

Espy Paid Off $267,000 Tax Debt Shortly After Lobbying for Ivory Coast Despot

Mississippi Senate candidate downplays ties to African strongman accused of crimes against humanity

Mike Espy, the Democrat vying to capture a U.S. Senate seat in Mississippi, paid off more than $267,000 in outstanding income taxes shortly after undertaking a lucrative lobbying contract with an African despot accused of crimes against humanity.

IRS Still Lacks Protections for Sensitive Taxpayer Information

Report: Data still vulnerable to attacks, unauthorized collection

The Internal Revenue Service has failed to implement a series of reforms aimed at bolstering its protection of sensitive taxpayer information, leaving the agency’s computer systems vulnerable to unauthorized access that could compromise Americans’ financial information, according to a new government oversight report.

Filing Date on Democratic 527’s IRS Report Is Five Weeks After Deadline

If filed late, fines could go as high as $4.4 million

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, a "527" group that supports Democrats running for state legislative office, appears to have missed a key IRS deadline to file a report showing contributions and expenditures, although a representative of the committee disputes they were late.