Iran’s Foreign Minister Travels to China After U.S. Imposes New Sanctions

Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif
Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif / Getty Images
• October 9, 2020 2:00 pm


Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif arrived in China on Friday, just a day after the United States imposed new sanctions on Iran's entire financial sector.

Zarif's trip to China highlights the deepening relationship between Beijing and Tehran, which has found an ally in the Communist regime as the Trump administration continues to tighten the noose on Iran's economy. The trip will include "close consultations" between Zarif and top Communist Party members, including CCP foreign minister Wang Yi, according to Iran's state-controlled press.

Beijing has served as a critical ally for the Iranian regime as it faces further isolation in the international community. The United States sanctioned 18 Iranian banks on Thursday, effectively cutting off Tehran's financial sector from the global economy. China, however, has repeatedly disregarded Washington's sanctions and increased its economic relationship with Iran. The Communist regime, along with Russia, balked at U.S. efforts at the United Nations earlier this year to reimpose an international arms embargo on Iran. U.S. leaders warned at the time that China is standing by to sell Iran potentially billions of dollars' worth of sophisticated weapons.

Zarif is scheduled to discuss regional issues with Chinese diplomats and focus on "the expansion of bilateral relations between Tehran and Beijing," according to Iran's Tasnim News Agency.

"The two countries share views on important spheres such as the fight against the U.S. unilateralism and interference in the internal affairs of countries," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said.

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