Trump Admin Escalates Sanctions on Syria’s Assad Regime

Syrian President Bashar al-AssadThe Trump administration issued on Wednesday wide-ranging new sanctions on Syrian president Bashar al Assad, a message to international companies that if they work with Assad’s regime they face crippling U.S. penalties, according to senior U.S. officials.

Exclusive: Congressional Republicans to Unveil Largest Iran Sanctions Plan in History

Unprecedented legislative package aims to reassert GOP role in foreign policy, bankrupt Tehran

CapitolCongressional Republicans are set to unveil this week the largest package of Iran sanctions in history, which seeks to reassert the party’s role in shaping policies meant to thwart Tehran’s global terrorism enterprise and bankrupt the already cash-strapped regime, according to a copy of the legislative package exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

U.S., Iran Approach Showdown Over Oil Tankers Headed for Venezuela

Trump admin weighs war against enforcing ‘max pressure’ on Iran, Venezuela

The United States "will not tolerate continued meddling" by Iran in Venezuelan affairs, a senior Trump administration official told the Washington Free Beacon, bringing nearer the possibility of a naval confrontation between the United States and Tehran over its shipment of oil to the heavily sanctioned Maduro regime.