Iranian Protesters Swarm Streets Chanting, 'Death to Palestine'

Getty Images
June 25, 2018

Iranian civilian protestors, in a surprising turn of events in the country, are taking to the streets to express opposition to the hardline ruling regime by chanting, "Death to Palestine" and "Leave Syria, think of us," according to an independent translation of videos showing the protests.

The protests, just the latest in social unrest gripping the country, began over the weekend and have spilled into Monday, as anti-regime protestors express frustration over the plunging value of Iran's currency, the rial, and Iranian leadership's continued funding of regional terror groups and military operations in Syria on behalf of embattled President Bashar al-Assad.

Protestors are said to be fed up with the Iranian ruling regime's focus on foreign intervention ahead of the country's own economy, which has been even further strained since President Donald Trump walked away from the landmark nuclear agreement and reimposed harsh sanctions on Tehran.

Protestors could be hard chanting in Farsi, "Death to Palestine" in apparent reference to the Iranian ruling regime's efforts to fund the terror-tied Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and foment terrorism against Israel.

Additionally frustrated with the Iranian regime's massive expenditures on war in Syria, protestors also could be heard chanting, "Leave Syria and think of us."

Other videos appear to show the protestors chanting, "Death to dictator."

Protests are said to be gaining steam and will culminate in a massive demonstration in Tehran in front of the country's parliament building.

Iranian police reportedly attacked the protestors with tear gas.

Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iran research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who has been tracking the ongoing protests, told the Free Beacon tensions are coming to a head between Iranian citizens and the hardline ruling regime.

"Iranians are fed up with the regime and its both factions," he said. "Over the last year, dollar appreciated 140 percent against rial. The regime is selling oil to fund terrorist groups and its military adventures in the region while Iranians become poorer and poorer every day."

"Chanting in support of the Pahlavi dynasty has been a continuous element of these protest over the past few months; that is the strongest indictment of the Khomeinist regime of Tehran," Ghasseminejad explained. "The regime has entered into a deep crisis since the widespread protests of the last December, it is essential to increase the economic pressure and start supporting those Iranian figures who have the support of people on the streets and want to put an end on the mullahs' reign of terror. Not waiving the IRIB sanctions [on Iran's propaganda networks] this July would be a good start."