Krauthammer Blasts Obama's 'Ideological Holiday Trip in Cuba While the World Burns'

March 22, 2016

Columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted President Obama's visit to Cuba and his handling of foreign policy in an appearance on Fox News' Special Report on Tuesday.

First, Krauthammer talked about Obama's response to the terror bombings in Brussels.

"Obama gave the terror bombing 51 seconds of his speech today in Havana. I thought the whole story of his presidency and its foreign policy was seen in a split screen," Krauthammer said. "On one side, you had the video footage of the attack in Belguim, this is the real world. And on the other side was Obama in the fantasy he inhabits where Cuba is of some geopolitical significance, in his mind, but none in the real world.

"But Obama had to go, because its his legacy. This is settling the Cold War arguments of the academic left of Obama's Columbia University Days, the people who worship the Cuban Revolution, the Sandinistas. Obama had his picture taken in front of a relief of Che Guevara, which sort of stated his world view of his adolescent days and now he does it as president."

Krauthammer then referred to Obama's response in handling ISIS.

"Obama calls it the JV team. He pretends it's contained and controlled. It is not," Krauthammer said. "Instead, he does his, sort of ideological holiday trip in Cuba, while the world burns. But he should never have been on the trip in the first place and he needs to make a speech about world terrorism and what he's going to do."