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From Jerusalem to Kyiv, It's All One War

Column: President Joe Biden lands in Israel in the midst of a war for the civilized world—whether he knows it or not.

October 17, 2023

The Bony Face of Failure: Another Foreign Policy Disaster on Jake Sullivan's Watch

Sickly, sleep-deprived psychopath recently boasted, 'The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades'

October 12, 2023

Republicans Probe Rob Malley's Ties to Tehran Influence Network

Lawmakers want to know if suspended Iran envoy was compromised by the Iran Experts Initiative

October 11, 2023

Biden Admin's Mixed Messages on Israel Embolden Hamas, GOP Says

State Dept's social media blunders foster confusion about U.S. support for Jewish state

October 10, 2023

House Resolution Slams Biden's $6 Billion Iran Prisoner Swap

Republicans move to block further efforts to free up funds for Tehran

September 28, 2023

Pence Slams GOP Isolationists in Foreign Policy Speech

'Some Republicans abandoning the traditional conservative position of American leadership on the world stage,' Pence says

September 19, 2023

Anatomy of a Catastrophe

REVIEW: ‘Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End’ by Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson

September 17, 2023