Benghazi Terrorists Not Part Of The State Dept 'Reward For Justice' Program

October 23, 2013

State Department Deputy Press Secretary Marie Harf was asked during Wednesdays press briefing, why the Benghazi terrorists were not listed of the State Department's Reward for Justice program.

Harf got frustrated with this question and the notion that the State Department was not committed to "bringing the Benghazi terrorists to justice."

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

Q: One more final one. There's no question that many in this building, throughout this country and abroad want to see the terrorists who attacked the Benghazi compound brought to justice. However, I just wanted to ask you, what signal does it send the world when, on this reward for justice programs, we rank the -- our adversaries according to their importance -- their kill, capture, their importance, but when the suspects in the Benghazi attacks are not on the list, what message does that send?

MS. HARF: Again, Lucas (sp), I said this isn't -- this doesn't represent the entirety of the way we look at the terrorist threat out there. We have designations. We have the Reward (sic/Rewards) for Justice Program. I've stood up here and said we are committed to bringing the Benghazi terrorists to justice, period. I don't know what more of a crystal-clear message I can send to them than that. And I'm happy to say it every day until we do.