Assad Supporter Melts Down: 'You Were Born of Israeli Semen!' (Video)

Memri TV
October 22, 2013

A recent debate on Syria’s chemical weapons cache devolved into a shouting match when a supporter of President Bashar al Assad accusing a Free Syrian Army spokesman of being "born of Israeli semen."

Assad supporter and political commentator Akram Makkana lost his temper during a recent debate on Lebanese television with Luay al Miqdad, a political coordinator for the Free Syrian Army.

"These [checmical] weapons were never meant for Israel, only Syria," al Miqdad maintains. "That criminal Bashar al Assad would even hand over his wife, Asma, in order to remain in power."

Al Miqdad’s insult leads Makkana to lose his cool.

"You will hand over your mother and your sister, you filthy pimp," he responds, as the Lebanese host struggles to maintain order. " To hell with you, you scum, son of scum, son of a bitch. You are scum with no honor. You were born of Israeli semen."

The FSA’s al Miqdad can be seen smiling as Makkana continues to scream.

"He’s scum," Makkana yells. "He started it."

"It’s a disgrace to talk like that about your president," Makkana adds.

"The president it just like you," al Miqdad retorts.

"You are nothing but a boy’s boy," Makkana says before the host ends the interview.