Bashar al-Assad

New Ad Urges Trump to Act Against Slaughter of Innocents in Syria

Activists plead with Admin to stop Russia, Iran from killing Syrian civilians in Idlib

A new advertisement currently running on cable news channels urges President Donald Trump to take concrete action to stop Russia and Iran from helping Syrian president Bashar al-Assad slaughter scores of innocent civilians in the war-torn city of Idlib.

After Assad’s Victory, Maduro Cannot Stay in Power

If Venezuela's opposition calls for outside military force, the U.S. must respond

A victory for Nicolás Maduro, coupled with Bashar al-Assad's conquest over the same time period, would send a clear message to dictators and rogue regimes around the world: fight with as much brutality as possible and you will get your way, without having to be held accountable; the West will condemn you but do nothing more.

Attn: Tulsi Gabbard: Assad Is America’s Enemy

The congresswoman's defense of the Butcher of Damascus is not only shameful, but also factually inaccurate

In defending Bashar al-Assad, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has lost all credibility, if she ever had any, to discuss human rights and to define America's national security interests.