2021 Men of the Year: The Brothers Cuomo

December 27, 2021

Real men have each other's backs. This is especially true in situations where nasty women have misjudged their assertive charisma as "harassment" or "assault." This bond, which is particularly strong among the male scions of powerful men, should be celebrated rather than condemned. Accordingly, we are proud to honor the brothers Cuomo as Free Beacon Men of the Year.

No pair of siblings was treated more unfairly in 2021 than Andrew and Chris Cuomo. This is not to say the Cuomos are perfect men who aren't deserving of public scorn. Far from it. As governor of New York, the elder Cuomo, aka "the Butcher of Albany," presided over the mass slaughter of senior citizens by flooding the state's nursing homes with COVID-19 patients. As host of Cuomo Prime Time on CNN, the younger sibling was a relentless propagandist for self-righteous liberalism.

But that's not why Andrew was forced to resign as governor. Chris wasn’t fired by CNN for being an obnoxious lib. No, they were both punished for the crime of being principled men in a society that is increasingly hostile toward principled masculinity. When all those opportunistic hussies started "accusing" Andrew of "harassing" them with witty jokes and weird hugs, what was Chris supposed to do about it? Disown his brother for being a legit player? That would have been hypocritical, because Chris is also a legit player who hustles and respects the game.

The former CNN host and 2020 Free Beacon Man of the Year—for berating some dork on a bicycle who tried to shame him for not wearing a mask—did the honorable thing. He started digging up dirt on Andrew's "accusers." He took part in strategy sessions with longtime Democratic strategist Lis Smith, and refused to cover the so-called scandal on his primetime show. Such is the bond of brotherhood.

We might object to their policy preferences, but we can't fault the brothers Cuomo for "getting their perv on" every now and again. That's what real men do, because they know their fellow men, and especially their brothers, will be there for them when the going gets tough, and the attention seekers start to whine about being hit on at a party or whatever.

For proving that terrible human beings can still be admirable men, congratulations, Cuomo brothers, you are Washington Free Beacon men of the year.