2020 Man of The Year: Rep. Jeff Van Drew

Rep. Jeff Van Drew
Rep. Jeff Van Drew / Getty Images
December 29, 2020

In the waning days of 2019, congressman Jeff Van Drew renounced his membership in the Democratic Party and joined the Republicans. Derided as a traitor by his former colleagues and cast as politically inept by the media, Van Drew was given little chance to win reelection to his New Jersey seat in 2020.

Spurned Democrats immediately got to work to punish Van Drew for his sedition. They wanted to embarrass him at the ballot box and their plan was ruthless. They deployed the ultimate weapon of political mass destruction.

That's right, to oppose Van Drew in the general election, the Democrats nominated a KENNEDY.

Not your run of the mill philandering, drunken Kennedy, but a real-life gold-digging Kennedy spouse, hell-bent on a mission to destroy Van Drew's career and reestablish a broken political dynasty.

Against this political Goliath and her nasty ads, Van Drew was a clear underdog.

Unwavering in his conviction, and running an unapologetic campaign of support for the Republican president and GOP values, Van Drew proved resilient.

In November, voters of New Jersey's Second Congressional District rewarded Van Drew's courage and reelected him to Congress, embarrassing the establishment and, most important, the Kennedys, yet again.

For proving that placing country over party is always a winning strategy, Republican Jeff Van Drew is 2020's Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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