2020 Man of the Year: Guy Who Booed at 'Unassigned' Gender Reveal

Gender Revealing Party
Wikimedia Commons

Gender reveals, a dangerous trend that resulted in the torching of the California countryside, are bad enough on their own. But woke ideology has ruined all parts of American socializing, even the ones already suffering from rot.

Fortunately, we can still honor those who stand athwart both gender reveals and left-wing ideology yelling, "Just find out in the doctor's office!" Even in the darkest moments of progressive-minded social events, true greatness can be revealed. Men can be heroes and speak for the voiceless. Our honoree, an anonymous 30-year-old internet user, took a moral stand against two of 2020's worst plagues: gender reveals and woke parents.

Our anonymous hero found himself invited to a colleague's gender reveal party. The rebel valiantly tried to liven the event with alcohol. But when the "reveal" was supposed to occur, the parents said the child's gender was ... unassigned.

The parents then "launch into a polemic about gender and their decision not to assign their child a gender," our paladin wrote in a gripping testimonial titled "Am I the Asshole?" interrogating the morality of his choices.

Our hero sprang into action. "I begin loudly, playfully booing. No one joins in." Like Churchill against the Nazis, he stood alone in resisting the onslaught of progressive totalitarianism.

"A few people pull me aside later in the night to lecture me, others to thank me," he wrote, showing his bravery to speak for those who lacked the courage to speak for themselves.

Gender reveals are bad enough without the presence of progressive virtue signaling. In a year when speaking your mind could cost you your livelihood, we salute this anonymous internet user's bravery.

He asked the question: "Am I the Asshole?" We have the answer: "No, sir. You are a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year."

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