2020 Man of the Year: Guy Who Shocked Lib With Electrified Trump Sign

December 31, 2020

We live in dangerous times. Violent protests sweep the nation. Rioters and looters walk free. And Democrats across the country work to defund the one institution tasked with keeping you—and your things—safe.

That's why one American patriot took matters into his own hands.

A staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, the man was (rightly) concerned that lawless liberals would nab the Trump-Pence 2020 sign placed with pride in his front yard. So he electrified it.

For the unsuspecting criminal who tried to swipe the sign, the result came as a shock. The intruder was greeted by an electric zap of epic proportions, foiling his seditious attempt. Defeated, the demented Dem scampered away like a pussycat running from the snarl of an alpha dog, shaking his tiny hands and uttering expletives in the process.

Our honoree displayed American ingenuity in its finest form, reminding political terrorists everywhere that if they want his sign, they can come and take it. For that, he is a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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