Chase Those Ratings: Watch the Media's Obsessive Coverage of Trump's Arraignment Journey

They can't quit him

It's 2016 all over again. The mainstream media have once again debased themselves with their obsessive and emotionally unstable coverage of Donald Trump's journey from Mar-a-Lago to the Manhattan courthouse where he was arraigned on Tuesday.

Trump was the best thing that ever happened to the mainstream media. Their ratings tanked as soon as he left office. They lost that intoxicating feeling they got from being "defenders of democracy" and "speaking truth to power." Now that a Democrat is president, it's just not the same.

Our mentally deranged press corps will do anything to recapture that feeling: film Trump's plane idling on the runway, follow his motorcade in helicopters like O.J. Simpson in his white Ford Bronco, line up in droves outside the courthouse and Trump Tower waiting hours for him to arrive, talk incessantly on air about a mug shot that didn't happen.

They're like a bunch of orphaned puppies desperate to be loved. Sad.