New York Times's Mara Gay Admits To Breaking Company Policy in Latest Column

July 8, 2022

A New York Times editorial board member does not seem to think the company’s policy against participating in protests applies to her.

In her July 2 column, Mara Gay wrote that she wants to see all the men she has had sexual relationships with who have since moved on to join her at the next pro-abortion protests. "They’re good men, and I’m happy for them," Gay writes. "I’d also like to ask: Will I see you at the next protest? Join us."

Taking Gay at her word means she just admitted to violating New York Times corporate policy, which forbids staff from attending any "march or rally in support of public causes or movements." Neither the New York Times nor Gay responded to a request for comment.

Gay’s column is part of a trend of journalists flagrantly violating their employers’ conduct guidelines, revealing broader tensions between management and their outspoken staff. The Washington Free Beacon in May reported on Gay’s colleague, Lindsay Crouse, encouraging criminal protests at the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices. 

Another colleague of Gay's, Nikole Hannah-Jones, flagrantly violated the New York Times's social media policy by posting the personal information of a Free Beacon reporter on Twitter in 2021. Hannah Jones remains employed by the company as a "domestic correspondent," although she has not written a piece since June 2020.

Following the reversal of Roe, Gay writes that her "way of life" is "under attack" and she believes her sex life may change because of Republican lawmakers who wish to restrict abortion access.

During her time in New York City public schools, Gay writes she was taught "that our sexuality was part of our humanity." At the University of Michigan, Gay writes, students "erected a giant replica of a vulva, tall enough to walk through, complete with a working bell at the top where the clitoris would be."

"That used to be a fun memory for me," Gay, 35, writes after telling readers she hopes "to become a mother. But for now, I have sex just because I like it. Sex is fun."

Gay joined the New York Times in 2018. She previously worked as a metro reporter for the Wall Street Journal.