Jeff Bezos's Newspaper Hires Reporter Who Recently Told Him To 'Eat Sh—t'

(Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images)
June 2, 2023

The Washington Post hired a new reporter for its media team who's had choice words for the paper's billionaire owner Jeff Bezos.

Defector Media's Laura Wagner will join the Post as a media reporter, just over a year after she went on a tirade about how "Amazon Eats Shit" after workers at the company's Staten Island warehouse voted to unionize.

"Is this not glorious? Does this not bring a happy little tear to your eye?" Wagner wrote for Defector Media in April 2022. "Does is not make you want to yell, HELL YEAH FUCK YEAH EAT SHIT JEFF BEZOS WOOOOOOOO!"

Wagner tore into Bezos, who has owned the Post since 2013, and his company Amazon for opposing the union. "Here's hoping that the workers who won today's vote have a fantastic weekend, and that the Amazon executives and flacks who did everything in their power to stop a union from forming, but failed spectacularly for all the world to see, continue to drink mad water," she wrote.

The article featured a tag that called Bezos a "clown fuck" for his labor practices and policies. Wagner, however, doesn't appear to have qualms about becoming one of his employees.

The Post said in an announcement this week Wagner will cover the "rapidly changing digital media industry."

"Laura starts on June 26," the newspaper announced. "Please join us in welcoming her to The Post."