Jeff Bezos

CNN: Bernie Sanders Attack on Washington Post Is ‘Dangerous’

Dana Bash: Sanders going for 'cheap applause lines' with attacks on newspaper's credibility

A CNN panel ripped Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) Tuesday for his "dangerous" suggestion that the Washington Post gives him unfair coverage because of influence from billionaire owner Jeff Bezos.

What Is The Point of The Washington Post Opinion Section?

Donald Trump doesn’t like the media. At least that’s what he says publicly. He is obsessed with the media, much like a gambling addict is obsessed with casinos. To the extent that Trump really does hate the media, it’s only because the media (apart from Fox News) hates Donald Trump. This is not surprising. The political media is almost universally populated by college graduates residing in Washington, D.C., or New York. It’s not his best demographic.

Amazon Studios Chief Suspended After Sexual Harassment Allegations

Suspension follows Rose McGowan tweeting she told Amazon exec that Harvey Weinstein raped her

The head of Amazon Studios, the e-commerce giant's division focused on developing movies and television shows, was suspended Thursday after a TV producer publicly accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her.