Disgraced Journo Seeks Pay to Play

'I need to earn some revenue'

April 15, 2020

Mark Halperin, the disgraced journalist who was banished from polite society after multiple women accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior, wants you to give him money.

The former NBC and MSNBC newsman made millions after coauthoring Game Change, a bestselling book about the 2008 election, but has since been reduced to writing a daily newsletter for his website, Wide World of News. Halperin has been accused of cramming inboxes without consent and now he's asking readers to pony up for the privilege of receiving his tip sheet.

"Since I started publishing Wide World of News last year, I have not charged readers for receiving my daily emails, or been paid to write them," Halperin wrote in his newsletter on Wednesday. "Now, to keep publishing, I need to earn some revenue."

Readers must give their consent to be charged and payment is optional. "If you decide not to contribute or are unable to, you will still receive the same emails you have been getting from me every day," Halperin explained.

Halperin's most recent book, How To Beat Trump, was not as well-received as the journalist's previous works. It sold just 500 copies in its first week. Democratic strategists who agreed to be interviewed for the book were criticized for doing so. One of Halperin's accusers denounced those who participated in the book for "enabling [Halperin] and retraumatizing the victims."

Some of the Democratic strategists apologized for collaborating with Halperin. Anita Dunn, who has been advising the presidential campaign of Joe Biden—who has been accused of sexual assault—did not.

REVIEW: 'How To Beat Trump' by Mark Halperin

Halperin discussed previous allegations (of inappropriate touching) against Biden during a controversial podcast appearance in April 2019. The disgraced journo dismissed the allegations as a "distraction" and expressed his longing to be "reintegrated into society."

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