Mark Halperin's 'Tip Sheet' Invading Inboxes Without Consent

Former journalist calls out disgraced author's aggressive tactics

September 5, 2019

Former NBC News analyst Mark Halperin, who was fired in disgrace after multiple women accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, has attempted to revitalize his journalism career by encouraging readers to "get my tip sheet in your inbox every morning" by subscribing to his email newsletter.

It would appear that Halperin's efforts to build his subscriber list have gone beyond mere encouragement, an indication that the disgraced journo continues to struggle with the concept of "consent." Former reporter Meredith Shiner revealed on Twitter that she had been unwittingly subscribed to Halperin's newsletter. She expressed frustration with the author's aggressive tactics.

"I did not consent to receiving this newsletter and I want the author to know and publicly acknowledge the importance of consent," Shiner wrote on Halperin's website.

Halperin is also releasing a new book, much to the consternation of his critics. He interviewed more than 75 Democrat strategists and politicians for How to Beat Trump, due to be published in November. Some of the participants, including former Obama adviser David Axelrod, expressed regret about their decision to respond to Halperin's questions. Others, such as Joe Biden campaign adviser Anita Dunn, did not.

Press Forward, an organization that includes several of Halperin's female accusers, released a statement in response to the book's announcement urging "those involved [to] reconsider their support in enabling people who have shown no accountability or atonement for their actions."

Eleanor McManus, one of the first women to publicly accuse Halperin of sexual misconduct, also criticized the individuals who participated in the book. "It shows they are enabling him and re-traumatizing the victims," she told CNN.

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