'Cool' Journalist Is Atheist, Cocktail-Drinking Trump Hater

Disgraced pervert's former associate boasts of 'quaffing' Negronis and 'praying' to fake God that Trump embarrasses himself in court

AI-generated photo of a "smug, obnoxious journalists sitting in a bar"
May 20, 2024

John Heilemann, the journalist best known for his collaboration with disgraced pervert Mark Halperin, is a supercool guy, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Despite being almost 60 years old, Heilemann often wears trendy sneakers and band T-shirts. He has tattoos and hangs out with celebs. He loves the Wu-Tang Clan almost as much as he loves MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace.

Heilemann recently joined Puck as a weekly columnist, newsletter author, and podcast host. According to the most recent edition of his newsletter, "The Best & Brightest: Impolitic," the bald pundit is also a snazzy writer who drinks heavily, dislikes Donald Trump, and doesn't believe in God.

Here's how Heilemann described his desire to see Trump testify during the so-called porn-star-hush-money case in New York City [emphases added]:

On the basis of everything we know about Trump, his feelings about being prosecuted, and his (few, but delectable) past performances under oath, it’s fair to imagine that him taking the stand would yield an extravagant, bombastic, self-destructive commingling of the climactic scenes of A Few Good Men, And Justice for All, and My Cousin Vinny. With that tantalizing prospect dangling in the air, I have spent more hours this weekend than I care to recall quaffing more Negronis than I care to count and praying to a God whose existence I severely doubt to please (please) guide these people to the true and righteous path that leads Trump straight to the witness box.

Before joining Puck, Heilemann founded The Recount, a video news startup that suspended operations in 2022 after losing $10 million the previous year. In 2020, Heilemann said it was "blatantly racist" for Trump to describe COVID-19 as a virus that originated in China.

John Heilemann/Instagram