Hostages Released by Hamas Were Sexually Abused, Doctor Says

Hamas (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images)
December 6, 2023

An Israeli doctor who treated hostages released by Hamas said some were sexually abused, the latest evidence of sexual violence inflicted by the terror group in connection with its Oct. 7 terror attacks.

Ten of the hostages Hamas freed as part of a pause in the fighting between it and the Jewish state were sexually assaulted or abused, a doctor who treated hostages told the Associated Press in a report published Wednesday. The victims were both male and female, according to the doctor, who remained anonymous to protect the victims' identities.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday hosted a meeting with recently released hostages, some of whom said they faced sexual abuse during their captivity, the AP also reported.

The accounts were some of several the outlet included in its report, which had witnesses recount such experiences as hearing a woman scream that terrorists were raping her and coming across bodies that showed signs of sexual assault.

Reports have emerged detailing sexual assault by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. Israel earlier this week released testimony from multiple anonymous witnesses whose accounts included seeing Hamas members commit sexual assault and seeing victims with signs of mutilation of their sexual organs.

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