Connecticut Woman Calls 911 to Report Botched Pizza Order

Claimed she was wrongly given ‘half hamburger’

deep dish pizza

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A woman in Connecticut recently phoned 911 to report a botched pizza order and asked if authorities could step in to right the situation.

The recording of the 911 call has been released by police, Fox 61 in Connecticut reported this week. The incident occurred a few weeks ago when a woman who identified herself as Ashley took issue with an order from Empire Pizza in Hartford, Connecticut.

"I just have a question," the woman asked the dispatcher, according to the recording. "If I order a pizza and they don’t want to give me my money back, can you guys do something?"

"Ma’am … that’s something you have to take up with them," the dispatcher answered. "But, that’s not something you would dial 911 for. 911 is for life threatening emergencies only."

"Can you call the pizzeria or something?" the woman asked.

"Well, what happened?" the dispatcher followed.

"I ordered a small pizza, half cheese and half bacon and they bring me half hamburger. So I called them back and they don’t want to give my money back. They keep hanging up on me," Ashley recounted.

"That’s not a police matter ma’am. You’ll to have to work that out with the pizza shop," the dispatcher said.

The dispatcher repeated that authorities could not call Empire Pizza her behalf but offered to send an officer to meet her at the shop.

"If you go over there, you can call and have an officer meet you there," the dispatcher said. "But an officer is not just going to just call them and have them give you your money back."

After recording Ashley’s information, the dispatcher instructed an officer to meet her at the business. The pizza shop claimed that the woman consumed half of the pizza before demanding her money back in addition to another pizza. "Forget it," police told the owners of the shop.

Police will not charge the woman with misuse of 911, though they took the incident as an opportunity to remind people that 911 is meant only for emergency situations.

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