Trump Mocks Jon Ossoff During Remarks to NRA


President Trump took shots at Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff during his remarks Friday to the National Rifle Association, mocking him in particular for not being able to vote for himself due to not living in Georgia's sixth district.

Ossoff is seeking to replace Trump's health and human services secretary, Tom Price, in the district in the north Atlanta suburbs. Ossoff finished at the top of a crowded field in a special election on April 18, but he came up short of 50 percent and was forced into a runoff with Republican Karen Handel.

Trump joked about the 11 Republicans who vied for the top spot in the race and gave Ossoff an opening to victory, saying it was "nerve-shattering." Trump is attending a fundraiser for Handel later on Friday in Atlanta.

"You know, she's running against someone who's going to raise your taxes to the sky, destroy your health care, and he's for open borders, lots of crime, and he's not even able to vote in the district that he's running in. Other than that, I think he's doing a fantastic job, right?" Trump joked.

Trump thanked the NRA for its support during his successful run for the presidency in 2016. The influential gun rights group endorsed Trump last May, and Trump spoke frequently of his support for the Second Amendment while campaigning against Hillary Clinton.

HeĀ is the first sitting president to address the NRA's leadership meeting since Ronald Reagan.

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