Virginia Special Session Ends Without New Gun Laws

NRA, VCDL applaud while Everytown, Democrats fume

The Virginia legislature adjourned its special session on Tuesday without any votes on gun measures and Republican leaders labeled Gov. Ralph Northam's decision to call the session "an election-year stunt."

NRA Membership Dues, Contributions Rebounded In 2018

Annual report provides insight into gun-rights group’s funding and spending

The National Rifle Association of America and its associated groups saw a sizable increase of both membership dues and contributions in 2018, according to the group's annual report.

Allen West Calls for Wayne LaPierre Resignation in Wake of Leaked NRA Memos; NRA Leadership Fires Back

Memos include accusations of extravagant spending of membership money on clothing, travel, and rent

National Rifle Association board member Lt. Col. Allen West (ret.) called for the resignation of executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre on Tuesday after leaked memos revealed accusations of impropriety, including $275,000 spent on Italian suits and $265,000 spent on travel. The accusations were levied at him by former NRA president Oliver North and the gun-rights group's largest media vendor.