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NRA Assistant Diverted $40K to Pay For Wedding, Personal Expenses

LaPierre assistant paid back money with interest

April 6, 2021

Republican AGs Slam New York AG, Back NRA in Bankruptcy Battle

Officials accuse New York of political persecution of gun rights group

April 1, 2021

NRA Board Retroactively Approves Bankruptcy Plan as Trial Approaches

Leadership calls vote 'overwhelming,' board dissenters call bankruptcy 'snipe hunt' 

March 29, 2021

Colorado Judge Strikes Down Boulder's AR-15 Ban 

Preemption winning streak continues for gun advocates

March 17, 2021

NRA Tries to Delay New York From Deposing Disgruntled Board Member 

NY AG wants to use testimony to dismiss bankruptcy

March 16, 2021

NRA Board to Hold Emergency Hearing Amid Bankruptcy Turmoil

Board member says lawyers mislead the board, LaPierre mislead the court 

March 9, 2021

Ford Wants Its Cars Back From the NRA 

Automaker fears gun group will miss payments amid bankruptcy

February 27, 2021

New York AG Moves to Toss NRA Bankruptcy

Democrat AG Letitia James looks to seize NRA assets

February 19, 2021

Feds Want NRA Lawyer Kicked Off Bankruptcy Case 

DOJ: Attorney's brother-in-law poses conflict of interest

February 19, 2021