Ossoff Reminds Voters He Doesn’t Live in Georgia’s Sixth District, Can’t Vote for Himself


Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is running to fill the congressional seat vacated by Tom Price earlier this year, reminded voters on Tuesday during an interview on CNN's "New Day" that he does not live in Georgia's sixth district.

"Mr. Ossoff, is it true that you cannot vote for yourself?" co-host Alisyn Camerota asked.

Ossoff dodged the question and started talking about how he grew up in the sixth district.

"Well I grew up in this district. I grew up in this community," Ossoff said. "No one knew there was going to be an election coming. I've been living with Alicia, my girlfriend, of 12 years down by Emory University where she's a full-time medical student."

"And as soon as she concludes her medical training, I'll be ten minutes back up the street into the district where I grew up," Ossoff added.

Camerota said his response suggested that because Ossoff does not live in the district where he is running, he will not be able to vote for himself.

Ossoff doubled down on his previous response and talked about growing up in the district.

"Well I grew up in this district. I grew up in this community. It's my home. My family is still there. I'm a mile and a half down the street to support Alicia while she finishes medical school," Ossoff said.

This is not the first controversy in Ossoff's bid to replace Price, who now serves as President Donald Trump's secretary of health and human services. Ossoff admitted last month that he misrepresented his national security credentials, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The polls are already open on Tuesday for the special election.

Cameron Cawthorne

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Cameron Cawthorne is a Media Analyst for the Washington Free Beacon. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013. Prior to joining Free Beacon, Cameron was a Legislative Assistant in the Virginia General Assembly and a War Room Analyst at America Rising.

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