Trump: Amtrak Derailment Shows Why ‘Infrastructure Plan Must Be Approved Quickly’


President Donald Trump said Monday that an Amtrak train derailment that killed at least six people in Washington state is the latest example of why Congress needs to pass his upcoming infrastructure plan.

A high-speed Amtrak passenger train derailed on Monday morning on a bridge over a major highway about 50 miles south of Seattle in Dupont, Washington, killing at least six people as part of the train crashed down onto Interstate 5.

Hours later, Trump sent out two consecutive tweets about the deadly incident.

"The train accident that just occurred in DuPont, WA shows more than ever why our soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly," Trump tweeted. "Seven trillion dollars spent in the Middle East while our roads, bridges, tunnels, railways (and more) crumble! Not for long!"

Trump then sent his condolences to those individuals affected by the train accident and thanked the first responders.

"My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the train accident in DuPont, Washington" Trump wrote. "Thank you to all of our wonderful First Responders who are on the scene. We are currently monitoring here at the White House."

Trump also mentioned the train derailment and his upcoming infrastructure legislation at the beginning of a speech on Monday unveiling his administration's national security strategy.

"Let me begin by expressing our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers for the victims of the train derailment in Washington State. We are closely monitoring the situation and coordinating with local authorities," Trump said. ""It is all the more reason why we must start immediately fixing the infrastructure of the United States."

Trump said last month that he will unveil a proposal for a massive infrastructure package after Congress passes tax reform legislation.

Monday's train derailment occurred on the first day that Amtrak was using a new high-speed route between the cities of Tacoma and Olympia, Washington, which was created to reduce travel time for commuters.

Katelyn Caralle

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Katelyn Caralle is a media analyst at the Washington Free Beacon. Before joining Free Beacon, Katelyn worked as a Digital Strategy Intern at The Heritage Foundation. She graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in 2016 where she served as Editor-in-Chief of The Voice.

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