PETA Uses Kids to Attack Michelle Obama Easter Egg Roll

The animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is using children to level criticism at First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama is facing some heavy fire from America’s youngest constituents over her decision to use real hardboiled eggs during Monday’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Three girls heckle the first lady in a video produced by PETA, the self proclaimed "largest animal organization in the world."

"Just because all of the other First Ladies have done it, doesn’t mean you have to. If all the other First Ladies jumped off a bridge, would you?" the girls tell Mrs. Obama.

The White House uses more than 7,000 a year, the girls contend. "How many chickens have to spend their whole lives in a cage to lay those eggs?" they ask the First Lady.

They urge Mrs. Obama to "put yourself in their [the chickens’] shoes."

Instead of using real eggs from real chickens, the White House should use plastic eggs instead the girls suggest, reasoning that the plastic eggs can be used year after year for the Easter Egg Roll.

No word yet on if the First Lady plans to visit a chicken coop to understand the birds’ egg laying plight.