Michelle Obama

The Scattershot Convention

Democrats Hold Unprecedented Virtual Convention From MilwaukeeThe first night of the virtual Democratic convention was a scattershot event. Topics ran the gamut from coronavirus to systemic racism to the Post Office. Speakers ranged from Meg Whitman to Gretchen Witmer to Bernie Sanders. Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker and Tom Steyer and the other 2020 also-rans combined for the same amount of time as Andrew Cuomo. Policy specifics were light, though Kamala Harris did offhandedly mention that she was "excited" Biden supports the "Domestic Workers Bill of Rights."

Barack Obama Can’t Stop Trashing His Wife’s Writing Ability

Trump predecessor may divide long-awaited presidential memoir into two volumes because his literary skills are that good

Former president Barack Obama has been "working" on his third memoir for several years. In that time, his wife, nutrition extremist Michelle Obama, has authored and published her own internationally best-selling memoir, Becoming.

Obamas Strike Blow for Economic Justice, Donate Millions in Exchange for Massive Beachfront Estate

Former president conquers 'wealth anxiety'

Celebrity authors Barack and Michelle Obama are striking a blow for social, economic, and climate justice, vowing to donate an undisclosed eight-figure sum to Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck in exchange for his massive beachfront estate on Martha's Vineyard, the luxury island vacation spot popular with Northeastern elites, boat-shoed bon vivants, and other rich freaks who use "summer" as a verb and donate to Pete Buttigieg.