Ohio Woman Shoots Intruder After He Tackles Her in Her Elderly Parents' Home

'I told him a hundred times not to come out because I had a gun'

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April 26, 2017

An Ohio woman and her elderly parents are safe while the man who attacked her on Friday is in prison facing several pending charges.

Kim Sinnott of Hamilton, Ohio, was at her parents' home in the early morning hours of Friday celebrating her father's 75th birthday when the home's alarm went off. She and her twin sister Tamie Lesher went to investigate the disturbance.

"About 1:30 a.m. the alarm went off in the house," Sinnott told Pantagraph. "We noticed the light on in the garage. We saw somebody walking in the garage."

That's when the pair came across a man police later identified as 21-year-old Mykale B. Davis. Sinnott pointed her father's .32 caliber pistol at the man.

"I told him that I had a gun," she said. "I was standing there looking at him with the gun pointing at him. I told him a hundred times not to come out because I had a gun and that I would shoot and that we were waiting for the cops, that we had the cops on the line right now."

That's when the intruder lunged at Sinnott and attempted to wrestle the gun away from her.

"Anything could have happened by just the way he lunged at me, and I had the gun in his face and told him not to come out because I would shoot," she told the paper. "He probably thought I wouldn't shoot."

But Sinnott did shoot the intruder.

"When he grabbed me and pulled me down I was fearing for my life," she said. "I shot him just for him to let me go. I don't know if it was in the leg or in the foot. I was scared to death."

The shot caused the man to flee out of the garage and down the street where police later apprehended him. Police said the self-defense shooting was a rare occurrence in the small Ohio town, but it appears Sinnott will not be charged.

"There have (only) been three the last decade," Bloomington police public information officer Elias Mendiola told Pantagraph. "Based on the facts at this time no charges are anticipated."

Still, Sinnott said the incident has shaken her and her entire family. "God doesn't give you anything you can't handle, but I'm about done," she said.

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