Here Are the Six People You Meet at a Women's Strike

Photo taken by Rae-Lynn Raup Ziegler
March 8, 2017

Wednesday was International Women's Day, and with that came a theme: The Day Without a Woman.

The strike, created by the organizers of the Women's March on Washington in January, called for women across the country to not engage in any work to show the economic and social power they have–and what could happen if they decide not to show up to work or help out at home.

Men and women came to Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. shouting and protesting for their "freedom" and equal rights.

The Washington Free Beacon interviewed six people at the event, who explained why they chose to join the strike.


Name: Kelly Musick
Occupation: Campus Organizer
Reason for Attending Strike: To speak out against the gag rule and "show support for those women across the world who do not have access to abortion and contraceptives in developing countries."
Motto for Strike: "Stop the war on women."


Name: Danie Martin
Occupation: Librarian
Reason for Attending Strike: "Mr Trump is a pathological narcissist. He's detached from reality, and protests really, really bother him." She added, "I am here to get his goat."
Motto for Strike: "Trump must go."


Name: Rebecca Wood
Occupation: Stay at home mother
Reason for Attending Strike: "Stop the global gag rule and to demonstrate women's role in society."
Motto for Strike: "We're all in this together."

[Not pictured]

Name: Robert "Bobby" Baker
Occupation: Retired
Reason for Attending Strike: "I hate this son of a bitch. People have to stand up if Congress won't. War on immigrants, war on women ... you name it."
Motto for Strike: "Resist tyranny ... dating back to 1776."


Name: Preston Mitchum
Occupation: Center for Gender Equality
Reason for Attending Strike: "Stop the gag rule." He added, "The extreme rhetorical [sic] is going to continue to kill millions of people including women, immigrants, as we see in communities."
Motto for Strike: "Continue to resist Trump and stop the gag."

Mitchum led women in chants before the march, as seen in the video above.


Name: Danielle (No last name given)
Occupation: Academic Professor
Reason for Attending Strike: "Right now, I took a hiatus ... actually ... after the election it took me to over medicate to fall asleep. I left Europe for two months, to tour Europe and see the difference in the cultural, the diversity, and the acceptance. There are so many things we don't accept here. If we really want to say we're the greatest in country, we're going to need to improve a lot."
Motto for Strike: "Question authority."

All photos taken by Rae-Lynn Raup Ziegler