GQ Praises DiCaprio for ‘Heroically’ Giving Ivanka Trump a Climate Change DVD

Leonardo DiCaprio / AP
• December 5, 2016 3:26 pm


GQ Magazine contributor Jay Willis deemed Hollywood actor and liberal activist Leonardo DiCaprio a hero in his Sunday article for "heroically" giving President-elect Donald Trump's daughter a copy of his climate change documentary DVD.

Willis began the article by painting a gloomy scenario in which the United States is grappling with the "horrifying" realization that it had elected a president who would rather tweet than serve as commander in chief. He then referenced Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump, and how many see her as the last hope in helping stabilize the White House before her father takes office in January.

One of the people who Willis referenced is former State Department official and gender equality advocate Anne Marie Slaughter, GQ reported.

[Slaughter] also sent word to the incoming first daughter a week after the election, saying that she hoped to be in touch with her after her father took office.

"She is really serious about the ‘care agenda' and can be a strong inside force," Ms. Slaughter said in an interview.

Perhaps most important, she said, "I don't know anyone else."

Willis then described DiCaprio as a hero of sorts for giving the soon-to-be first daughter a copy of his film, Before the Flood. The documentary, which was narrated by DiCaprio, "explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet," according to National Geographic.

"Bless you, Leo. Despite having quite the escape route ready to go if necessary, it's good to know that the man has not given up on this planet just yet," Willis wrote.

Willis added that he is a little disappointed that DiCaprio has not expanded his activism beyond climate change and environmentalism.

"However, we're a little disappointed that he limited himself to climate change, since the Trump family could learn some important lessons from the rest of Leo's filmography, too," Willis said.

He then listed Catch Me If You Can, Titanic, and Shutter Island, all films in which DiCaprio has starred, in an apparent effort to poke fun at Donald Trump.