Feminists Say Reagan Screwed Fat People Over

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• March 24, 2014 3:52 pm


A group of "Fat Justice" feminists said Thursday that former President Ronald Reagan "f*cked everything up" for fat people.

The event, sponsored by Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, featured Cora Segal and Nicole Sullivan, two feminists who hold workshops on the "ongoing exploitation and oppression of fat people."

Campus Reform explains:

A "Fat Justice and Feminism" seminar sponsored by Swathmore College blamed Ronald Reagan for the suffering of fat people and accused the Body mass index (BMI) of having "direct links to a white supremacist." […]

The Swarthmore Independent reports that Segal and Sullivan took aim at a variety of subjects including President Ronald Reagan, who they claimed "f*cked everything up" for fat people—though the Independent reports that "[n]o specific evidence about Reagan’s perverse policies or animosity toward obese people was offered."

Segal and Sullivan also argued in favor of "communism and socialism as viable alternatives to capitalism and exploitation" and against oppressive healthy eating and exercise programs. The two reportedly went so far as to claim that "every physician is bought off by lobbyists and the diet industry."

The workshop also discussed how there is "no scientific consensus whatsoever that fat people need to exercise more, or that fat is unhealthy," or that being obese causes diabetes.

This is not the first time Segal has held Reagan responsible for the mistreatment of America's obese. Last year, she attributed fat people’s woes during the 1980s to "Reagan and bullshit."