Burton: I’m not quite the devil

February 8, 2012

Obama Super PAC chief Bill Burton dismissed those on the left who are upset with President Obama’s decision to rely on Super PACs.

During a lighthearted sit-down with former Fader magazine editor and current MSNBC host Alex Wagner, Burton was asked how he would respond to the accusation that he is "dancing with the devil."

"I think that devil is over stated," Burton replied. But I think that I'll say we love Senator Feingold, and we have different backgrounds, but we are for campaign finance reform. The president is for campaign finance reform. You do not get to change the rules if you are not in the control of the car."

Burton also reported that since opening the Super PAC floodgates, Team Obama has failed to take in "any $50 million checks."

"I can report right now, we did not get any $50 million checks overnight. In the couple of weeks as people start to understand the impact that Super PACs will have in the election—as democrats awaken to the fact that this is an important part of what the election is, how the election is going to be decided—I think they will start to come to the table and be a part of the conversation and participate with us and other entities that are out there trying to counter what the Koch brothers and Karl Rove is trying to do."