U.S. Puts $10 Million Bounty on 2020 Election Hackers

Texas voting
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August 5, 2020

The Trump administration will offer up to $10 million to any individual who provides information about foreign hackers who seek to influence the outcome of the 2020 election.

The reward is available under the State Department's Rewards for Justice program to anyone who can provide the United States with "information leading to the identification or location of any person who works with or for a foreign government for the purpose of interfering with U.S. elections through certain illegal cyber activities."

The United States is seeking the identifying information of perpetrators of interference in "any U.S. federal, state, or local election," according to the State Department.

The Trump administration vowed to prosecute any person who aims to commit computer fraud relating to the elections, including hacking into electronic voter records and polling sites.

Foreign meddling in U.S. elections has been among the top concerns leading into November, in the wake of efforts by Russia and other countries to tip the scale of the 2016 election.