Latinx Voters Deliver Florida for Trump

Donald Trump Holds Late-Night Campaign Rally In Miami Area
Getty Images
November 4, 2020

President Donald Trump clinched the key swing state of Florida on Tuesday night thanks to a strong turnout among the Sunshine state's Latino community.

Trump secured the state's 29 electoral votes by a margin of 51.3 percent to 47.8 percent, with 96 percent reporting, thanks in large part to improved performance among Hispanic and Cuban voters in particular, while opponent Joe Biden fell far behind 2016 counterpart Hillary Clinton in vital Miami-Dade County.

Trump's Hispanic-backed victory follows the Republican's stronger-than-expected support among black and Hispanic men in polling leading in to the election, as well as strong grassroots support for Trump among Florida Latinos.

Conversely, Biden's performance Tuesday night augurs poorly for his chances in other critical swing states as votes continue to pour in. That may reflect the failure of progressive messaging to key Hispanic demographics, who polling shows are less than inured by the politically correct language which has suffused the upper echelons of the Democratic party.

Editor's Note: The Washington Free Beacon agrees with 99 percent of Florida Latino Democrats that 'Latinx' is not a real word.