Biden Staffers: Campaign Is 'Suppressing the Hispanic Vote' in Florida

Joe Biden/ Getty Images
July 26, 2020

Nearly 100 Biden staffers are complaining that the former vice president's campaign is "suppressing the Hispanic vote" in Florida.

The campaign field organizers claim in an internal letter, which was sent to the Florida Democratic Party and obtained by the Miami Herald, that the Biden campaign inexplicably relocated several Hispanic staff members away from an area with a significant number of Spanish-speaking residents.

"The [Coordinated Campaign of Florida] is suppressing the Hispanic vote by removing Spanish-speaking organizers from Central Florida without explanation, which fails to confront a system of white-dominated politics we are supposed to be working against as organizers of a progressive party," the organizers wrote, according to the Herald

The organizers claim that the Biden campaign does not have a "fully actionable field plan," lacks resources and outreach strategy, and maintains a "toxic" work culture.

"We are roughly 100 days out from the election, and there is no functional targeted field outreach and organizing of the Hispanic/Spanish-speaking, Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking, and Haitian/Creole-speaking communities in our state," the organizers wrote. "There are no targets, scripts, data infrastructure, community outreach, or phonebanks established for this."

The letter was sent following related negotiations between Florida state director Jackie Lee and the field organizers' union, IBEW Local 824. 

In a statement, Lee said the Biden campaign has an "open-door policy" and that "no staff [members were] asked to move or relocate, either from out of state or within states" in recent weeks.

Among their requests, the organizers demand an apology and request that the Hispanic staffers are relocated to their original placements.