There's Something Wrong With Young Democrats: Poll

The kids are not OK

May 1, 2023

Young Democrats are abnormally nervous, depressed, bisexual, and eager to defund the police, according to a new poll from the Harvard Kennedy School of Politics.

The poll asked respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 how often they had experienced a certain emotion or problem over the past two weeks, and the results among Democrats were rather shocking. Here's how young Democrats reported feeling "at least several days" over that period:

• 61 percent reported feeling "nervous, anxious, or on edge"

• 57 percent said they had "trouble relaxing"

• 55 percent said they felt "unsafe"

• 52 percent reported feeling "down, depressed, or hopeless"

• 49 percent said they felt "little interest or pleasure in doing things"

• 47 percent said they experienced "loneliness"

• 46 percent reported "feeling afraid as if something awful might happen"

• 27 percent said they had entertained "thoughts that [they] would be better off dead" or "thoughts of hurting [themselves] in some way"

That doesn't seem very healthy. And in case you were wondering: Yes, those numbers were significantly smaller among young Republicans. Despite feeling nervous and unsafe all the time, nearly 4 in 10 young Democrats said they support "defunding police departments" in their communities. Nearly one in three said police officers make them feel "less safe."

Other noteworthy findings include the following:

• 32 percent said they regularly use TikTok for "news and current events related content," compared with 21 percent of young Republicans

• 25 percent said they disagree with the statement "I would rather live in America than any other place," compared with 10 percent of young Republicans; just 49 percent of Democrats agree with the statement, compared with 71 percent of GOP respondents

• 11 percent said they are neither employed nor enrolled as students, compared with 6 percent of young Republicans

• Just 72 percent of young Democrats identified as "heterosexual or straight," compared with 89 percent of young Republicans

• 22 percent of young Democrats identified as gay (2 percent), lesbian (4 percent), bisexual (10 percent), or "other" (6 percent), compared with 7 percent of young Republicans

Bottom line: A significant chunk of the Democratic base is comprised of nervous Nellies who are (most likely) mentally ill and get most of their news from TikTok and other social media apps. Politics aside, a significant chunk of young Americans are mentally ill worrywarts who are glued to their phones. That does not seem like a recipe for success.