Ossoff Campaigns on TikTok Ahead of Runoff

Georgia Dem takes to social media app tied to Chinese Communist Party

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff took to TikTok on Tuesday to broadcast a campaign video on the Chinese social media platform.

Ex-CCP Official Set TikTok Policy, Report Says

Former Chinese diplomat led global content moderation team while app claimed freedom from Beijing’s influence

TikTok employed a Chinese ex-diplomat to oversee the content allowed on its app during some of its highest growth stages, the Financial Times reported Sunday.

ANALYSIS: Why China and the U.S. Aren’t So Different When It Comes to Freedom of The Press

TikTok users and teen culture experts raise salient points in defense of Chinese-owned vlogging app

Taylor Lorenz, the New York Times‘s resident expert on teen culture, recently highlighted an “excellent piece” by former Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong. The piece, published in The Verge, criticized the Trump administration’s efforts to ban TikTok, the Chinese-owned social media app popular with sexy teens who like to dance.

The TikTok Derangement Syndrome

The media's hatred of Trump is blinding them to a real national security threat

TikTokTo understand business in China, look to the demise of Neihan Duanzi, a popular joke-sharing app shuttered by authorities in 2018 for "indecent" content. Rather than protesting, the CEO of Neihan Duanzi-owner ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, issued a groveling apology for creating "content that goes against socialist core values" and failing to "direct public opinion in the right way."

ANALYSIS: Media Obsession With Meme Journalist Taylor Lorenz Is Out of Control

Most journalists don't get their own glowing profile published in the New York Times, especially the ones who also work at the Times. But then again, most journalists aren't Taylor Lorenz. For whatever reason, the extremely online Times reporter and thirty-something expert on teen culture is one of the most celebrated (and most profiled) media professionals of the modern age—the Robin DiAngelo of internet memes.

TikTok Turns to Dem Lobbyists to Fight Potential Trump Ban

Former Clyburn, Pelosi staffers will spearhead Chinese app's D.C. operations

Former aides to powerful Democrats are flocking to TikTok's lobbying team as the Trump administration weighs a possible ban of the China-linked app that some policymakers consider a threat to national security.