ALERT: Hillary Clinton Is Back, Baby

Are you ready?

February 11, 2022

Hillary Clinton is ramping up her public appearances ahead of the 2022 midterm elections as President Joe Biden's popularity continues to plummet, even among Democratic voters.

Next week, for example, the twice-failed presidential candidate is expected to speak at the New York State Democratic Party Convention. Clinton, who used to command public speaking fees of more than $200,000 per hour, will address party leaders at the Sheraton hotel in Times Square, according to CNBC.

Next month, Hillary will celebrate International Women's Day by hosting a live virtual event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and "other special guests to be announced." She also recently touted some new merchandise available for purchase on the website of her political action committee, Onward Together.

For just $30, Hillary fans can pre-order a cool "dad hat" with the words "But Her Emails" printed on it, a reference to the catchphrase that was briefly popular among left-wing social media users circa 2016.

The PAC's website raises money by selling "Hillary Pantsuit Onesies" for infants, among other disturbing items, such as a "Rodham" T-shirt that raises questions about the failed candidate's marriage to disgraced former president Bill Clinton.

Hillary has become an increasingly visible figure on the public stage since she declared in October 2021 that she "will never be out of the game of politics." In December, for example, she taught a Master Class on "The Power of Resilience" that purported to offer life lessons on how to fail with grace but was in fact another tedious diatribe about how unfairly she's been treated throughout her failed career.

This foray into the political arena comes at a time when President Joe Biden is increasingly unpopular, even among members of his own party. An Associated Press poll published last month found that just 48 percent of Democrats said they wanted Biden to run for reelection in 2024. According to the most recent CNN poll, almost 20 percent of voters who "lean Democrat" said they disapproved of Biden's job performance.

Biden's vice president, Kamala Harris, is even more unpopular. In fact, polling suggests the American people have a more favorable opinion of former president Donald Trump than they do of Harris, who is one of the most disliked vice presidents in American history. Even ex-Harris staffers are terrified at the thought of their former boss becoming president.

Biden, 79, isn't getting any younger. Harris is a nonstarter. The Democratic Party needs a seasoned standard-bearer. Who's it going to be? Pete Buttigieg? (No, it's not.) Democrats don't have a lot of viable options heading into the 2024 election. Perhaps it's time to start asking the question: Are you ready?

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