Another Racism Scandal for John Fetterman

Democrat who held unarmed black jogger at gunpoint promotes TikTok video glorifying violence against black men

September 30, 2022

John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, is embroiled in yet another racism scandal after his campaign released a controversial video on TikTok, the Chinese spyware app.

What happened: Fetterman's campaign posted a TikTok video glorifying violence against black men. The crudely animated clip shows Fetterman repeatedly kicking an unarmed black man "in the balls." The candidate promoted the video on Twitter along with the caption, "DC could use a kick in the balls."

By the numbers: More than 45 percent of the Washington, D.C., population is black.

Why it matters: This is not the first time Fetterman has come under fire for being a racist. In 2013, the Democrat chased down an innocent black jogger and held the terrified man at gunpoint after hearing fireworks near his home.

• Malcolm Kenyatta, a black lawmaker who challenged Fetterman in the Democratic primary, correctly observed that Fetterman was the only Democrat in the race who "used a shotgun to chase down an unarmed black jogger."

• Despite winning the primary, Fetterman finished no better than a distant third in the most heavily black areas of Philadelphia.

What they're saying: "I would like white Dems to ask themselves how they would feel knocking on doors in Philly & saying, ‘You gotta get out to vote for this guy even though he held a black man at gunpoint. Sorry!'" wrote liberal journalist Magdi Semrau after Fetterman secured the party's nomination.

The big picture: Fetterman has also been criticized for exposing his children to "despicable" animated content that glorifies human trafficking and child slavery. Earlier this month, the candidate appeared to give a Nazi salute at a pro-abortion rally.

The bigger picture: Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading pro-abortion group, was founded by a prominent supporter of eugenics, a racist philosophy that was also embraced by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.