Cori Bush's Bodyguard Says He Can't Be Anti-Semitic Because He's a Jewish High Priest

Nathaniel Davis, who claims he's 109 trillion years old and that Jews control the world, has received $137,000 from Bush since 2020

Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.) and her security guard, Nathanial Davis III.
March 9, 2023

Rep. Cori Bush’s (D., Mo,) bodyguard claims a host of supernatural abilities, including the power to summon tornadoes and read minds. During a Tuesday evening interview with the Washington Free Beacon, he added another line to his résumé: his status as a Jewish "high priest."

Davis, who claims he is a 109 trillion-year-old spiritual guru named Aha Sen Piankhy, demanded the Free Beacon retract a report on his relationship with Bush and history of advancing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Davis, a former member of the vehemently anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party, said it’s impossible for him to be anti-Semitic because he himself is a member of the Tribe of Issachar, one of the lost tribes of Israel.

"That makes me Hebrew. How can I be anti-Semitic?" Davis asked the Free Beacon, adding "You’re literally dealing with the priesthood, literally."

Davis’s claims to supernatural abilities and anti-Semitic leanings made him a perfect fit for Bush, who once worked as a faith healer for a religious sect that claims the power to resurrect the dead through prayer. The congresswoman also has a history of associating with anti-Semites, including the activist Neveen Ayesh, who said she wanted to burn Jews alive. She’s also a vocal supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

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Davis denied ever propagating anti-Semitic tropes, including the claim that the Rothschild family secretly rules the world. He claims he merely accused one specific member of the Rothschild family of controlling the Western Hemisphere in a July 23, 2020, Facebook post.

But Davis’s Facebook page is replete with other posts spreading conspiracies about the Rothschild family as a whole. In one post, he claimed the family "is the reason Armageddon will happen," as part of "a business ploy for the one world government."

He later accused former president Donald Trump of being a "puppet" in a Jan. 10, 2020, Facebook post linking to a YouTube video titled "Rothschild funded both sides of every war."

Still, the St. Louis, Missouri, spiritual guru maintained that he can’t be anti-Semitic.

"If you could retract the whole anti-Semite, because I’m not, man. I’m not," Davis said. "I got bar mitzvah’ed in this city. There’s no way I can be anti-Semite. No way. You didn’t complete your homework."

Davis also rejected the characterization that he teaches classes on how to maintain urban gardens to avoid having to buy food from the Jews. In a July 17, 2020, Facebook live stream, Davis said agriculture is key to liberating St. Louis’s black community from "the families that run the planet" that unleashed COVID-19 to murder 99 percent of the human population.

"I didn’t make any type of statement dogging anybody of any nationality or background," Davis told the Free Beacon. "Didn’t do that. That’s not how I move."

Citing a "non-disclosure agreement," Davis refused to comment on the "security services" he has provided to Bush in return for over $137,000 since 2020, paid out in regular $5,000 monthly installments, FEC records show.

"I can’t talk to you about that," Davis said when pressed for details about his non-disclosure agreement. Minutes later, Davis denied ever mentioning a non-disclosure agreement and said it would be false to report that he did. Bush’s campaign did not return a request for comment.