Meet the Anti-Semitic Spiritual Guru on Cori Bush's Payroll

Nathaniel Davis, who claims he's 109 trillion years old and that Jews control the world, has received $137,000 from Bush since 2020

Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.) and her security guard, Nathanial Davis III.
March 7, 2023

He claims he can summon tornadoes at will, cause earthquakes with his hate, and conduct blood rituals to bring ruin upon his enemies. An intergalactic master of psychic self-defense born 109 trillion years ago, his days, he says, are now spent tending to his crops and spreading anti-Semitic conspiracies.

Nathaniel Davis III also happens to be Rep. Cori Bush’s (D., Mo.) close friend and her highest-paid private security guard.

Davis has earned over $137,000 providing "security services" for Bush since 2020, according to FEC filings, the latest of which showed disbursements of $5,000 in Dec. 2022. Using dozens of social media posts, including photos and videos that show Davis with Bush, the Washington Free Beacon has confirmed that Davis is in fact a St. Louis, Missouri, spiritual guru known as Aha Sen Piankhy who teaches classes on how to read minds, summon mythical beings, and maintain urban gardens—to avoid having to buy food from the Jews.

Davis, a former member of the vehemently anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party, is a natural fit for Bush, who has a history of associating with anti-Semites. She spent years working with anti-Israel activist Neveen Ayesh, who has said she wants to burn Jews alive. A vocal supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, Bush is a close ally of her fellow Squad member, anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.).

Similarly, Bush spent years working as a faith healer for a religious sect that claims the power to resurrect the dead and cure deadly maladies through prayer. The head pastor of Bush’s church told the Free Beacon in 2021 that he cured Bush’s severe case of COVID-19 with a phone call. Nor is Davis the only eyebrow-raising security guard on Bush’s payroll: The congresswoman last week announced that she had married another of her handsomely compensated protectors.

When Davis, who did not return requests for comment, is not protecting the congresswoman, he spends his time teaching St. Louis’s black community to grow their own food—so they can liberate themselves from a genocidal Jewish cabal that runs the world.

"I’m going come teach the people how to survive. It’s what I came to this planet for in this lifetime," Davis said in a July 17, 2020, Facebook live stream. "I’m 109 trillion years old in this galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy."

Davis has advanced a number of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including the belief that the Rothschild family "runs the Western Hemisphere" and unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic to murder 99 percent of the human population. Davis is also a proponent of QAnon, according to a Facebook post he shared in December 2018.

"You got the global elite looking to kill every last one of us. They want to wipe out half the population of the planet,"  Davis said in a July 17, 2020, Facebook livestream.

It is unclear when or how Bush and Davis met. But the congresswoman’s personal Facebook page shows that she is friends with "Aha Davis Zadok El," one of Davis’s Facebook accounts. There, he claims to be a member of the "Priesthood of the Sun Moon Sect." Davis’s various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are riddled with references to the "Priesthood of the Sun Moon Sect."

Davis has also claimed a number of supernatural abilities, including the ability to summon hurricanes, levitate, and retrieve winning lottery numbers "from the spirit realm," a difficult skill that Davis warns may come at an undisclosed cost to the summoner.

The Free Beacon was able to confirm just one event in which the psychic self-defense master provided security to Bush.

Wearing an oversized beige T-shirt, green cargo pants, and a white face mask, Davis was latched to Bush’s side during a July 3, 2020, protest that culminated in her shouting through a megaphone outside the home of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple that brandished weapons before Black Lives Matter protesters a week prior, according to video footage of the event.

Davis can be seen walking alongside Bush in a video the lawmaker posted on Twitter the day after the July 3 protest.

A few days prior, on June 20, 2020, Davis posted a photo of himself on Facebook wearing an identical outfit at a Juneteenth festival in St. Louis.

Davis also filmed two brief videos of himself walking behind Bush at the July 3 protest. While her face is never shown, Bush can be seen wearing the same black shirt, white polka-dotted face mask, and blue jeans, as well as carrying a plastic water bottle in her back-left pocket, as seen in other photos of the event.

Bush appears to have taken steps to conceal Davis’s identity in her campaign spending reports by listing her campaign headquarters’ address for the majority of her payments to Davis—a move that made it nearly impossible to identify which Nathaniel Davis was on her staff.

But the three other campaign payments to Davis list a residential home in St. Louis, which is the same address Davis used in July 2020 when he formed a Missouri LLC called the Revolutionary Business Group.

The Revolutionary Business Group was a business incubator chaired by Davis that claimed to have officers in five states and the Netherlands. It doesn’t appear the group ever got off the ground. Its website is offline, and the group has been inactive on Facebook since January 2022.

Still, Davis references the group on his various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. He appears in an August 2020 Facebook video introducing the Revolutionary Business Group team, in which a colleague introduces him as "Mr. Aha Nathaniel Davis III." Davis later refers to himself as "Aha Sen Piankhy."

Davis claims he chooses not to make use of his most destructive powers. But he is not above making threats, claiming in May 2020 that he can cause his enemies' teeth to fall out whenever they speak his name.

At publication time, this reporter’s teeth remain firmly affixed to his head.