Trump: Marshawn Lynch Should Be Suspended for the Rest of the Season if He Sits for Anthem Again

Donald Trump
Donald Trump / Getty Images
• November 20, 2017 6:52 am


President Donald Trump renewed his feud with NFL players who don't stand for the playing of the national anthem on Monday, tweeting Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch should be suspended for the rest of the season if he does it again.

Lynch's Raiders played the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday, and Lynch was seen sitting for the American national anthem while standing for the Mexican national anthem.

Trump, who has previously called for NFL owners to fire players who he feels don't show proper deference for the American flag, tweeted Monday that it showed "great disrespect!"

"Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect! Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down," Trump tweeted.

Lynch and other players have sat or kneeled during the national anthem's playing as part of a movement begun by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem's playing in 2016 and drew widespread attention for what he called an effort to bring attention to racial injustice.

It wasn't the only sports-related feud Trump was involved in from over the weekend.

After Trump touted his role in getting UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill released from China after a shoplifting arrest earlier this month, Ball's outspoken father Lavar Ball downplayed Trump's role in the situation.

Trump fired back on Twitter on Sunday, saying "I should have left them in jail!" and also calling Ball's father "very ungrateful!"

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